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Unless otherwise stated on the heroine's page all vidcaps & vidclips were made by Grimbor. Both formats are fit for all ages viewing.

If an archive is offline and there's a mirror site try that, if it's down too you'll just have to wait either a few hours or until the following day, week or the first day of the next month depending on the free server's policy and try again. Don't write and ask me to do something about it since I've got no control over their bandwidth limits so you won't accomplish anything except annoying me. If you're looking for the video source of these vidcaps check your Web-Browser's title bar when you're on the heroine's thumbnails page. If you're looking for X-rated material you're in the wrong place since all my vidcapped scenes either got by the censors or could have without any problems.

Thanks to Tuxedo Jarod, Dr Sheep, Side_bob0219, M_wolany, Cobrakingus, YTorres13, Raz, PizzatheHut67, Grant56, Solora Jerek, Tbuck89, Jazz411, Rocketman2387, Rcy1485, Jangluer, Mononoke10th, Queospera, Pholan, Slighterj & Spiegel Man for donating their sites as DiD vidcap archives. This has enabled me to restore the complete archive and begin adding new material to the site.

If any of the videoclips have expired from Rapidshare and you would like to see them please contact me and request that they be restored.
YouTube cancelled my account eliminating all the clips I'd uploaded there so I won't be using their service again.



September 11 2009
Added new videoclips for "Fantastic Four", "Monster Buster Club", "The Secret Saturdays", "The New Adventures Of Superman".
Added videoclip pages for "Batman : The Brave & The Bold", "Huntik", "Iron Man : Armored Adventures" & "The New Adventures Of Batman".

September 13 2009
Reactivated the videoclips for "The Replacements" episodes "London Calling" & "Abra K Dabra".
To request the reactivation of an expired videoclip just email

November 15 2009
Relocated all the former Geocites based Heroine Archives to restore them.
All Heroine Archives should be visible again. If not please email
Added new videoclips for "Ben 10 : Alien Force", "G.I. Joe" & "Josie & the Pussycats".
Added a videoclip page for "Monsters Vs Aliens"
Restored the video clips from The Batman episodes "Night & The City" and "Strange Minds".

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