The Cartoon Bad Girls &
Villainesses Perils Page
Why Should The Good Girls Have All the Fun?

Agent Mai (Dragonball) After working for Pilaf this long nothing shocks you. Metaphorically speaking anyway!

Alcyone (Rayearth) Zagato was a lot more forgiving than Eagle!

Allie Langford / Nail (Static Shock) I'm not really a bad girl, it's just the company I keep!

Antara (Galtar and the Golden Lance) Tormack doesn't handle bad news very well

Blackfire (Teen Titans) This sucks! I set up Starfire to take the the rap for me and now I'm getting the wrap!

Blatch & Gluko (Mon Colle Knights) Maybe the Rocket Ribbon Wrap isn't as lame as we've always said ...

Carmen Sandiego (Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego) This is what comes of putting stock in what Carmen says!

Catch of the Day

They decoy me to the South Pole to catch me then forget basic procedure and cuff my hands in front of me?

I move for a mistrial!

Catwoman (Batman) I love cats but cat worshippers are a bunch of Bast-ards!

For my debut as Catwoman I wasn't planning on tangling with terrorists

I give up being Catwoman and immediately get grabbed by a scientist who wants to turn me into the real thing?!

Chilla (Thundercats) All The Rotten Things I've Done And I Get Busted For Traffic Violations!

Deathbird (X Men) Viva La Revolution!

Demona (Gargoyles) Not exactly a Midsummer Night's Dream!

Evil-Lyn (He Man & the Masters of the Universe) The Good Old Days

Intruder Alert!

Until now Eternia having no lawyers seemed a blessing!

Come Back Skeletor, All Is Forgiven!

Looks Like I Finally Betrayed Skeletor One Too Many Times

Teela's surprisingly good with knots

Springing into action

Fujiko Mine (Lupin III) "Albatross!"

You think you have hardware problems?

I thought "Tickled to Death" was just an expression!

Okay so the old seduction routine doesn't work on gay ninjas. What's plan B?

Note to self, this is where Lupin finally reaches his breaking point!

Back to square one

This caper really sphinx!

In future never accept a vampire Lupin's offer to join him for a drink!

Arabian Nuts!

I don't remember getting amnesia

Gargantua (Superfriends) Green Lantern's getting way too Freudian!

Jessie (Pokemon) Quit Vining!

Ring around the rocket

I've got to find cooler people to hang out with!

Live Wire (Superman) I'm shocked the way my team-up with Parasite worked out

MAD Girls (Gadget & the Gadgetinis) MAD's Mind Switch Centre doesn't get used much so there's plenty of time for working out

My son, the Doctor

Mystique (X-Men) It's perfectly safe to unstrap me doctor, I don't bite

Rogue's a bit smart than I thought

Poison Ivy's Henchwomen (Batman the Animated Series) I want a raise!

Renee La Rouge (Mary-Kate and Ashley in Action!) No I never had my IQ checked. Why do you ask?

Sailor Lead Crow (Sailor Moon Sailor Stars) Note to self, never turn back on coworkers ever again!

Shego (Kim Possible) I prefer Treats to Tricks

This tutoring gig seemed like easy money

Tala (Justice League Unlimited) Best two out of three?

Vertigo (X Men) Why does increasing my powers start with getting strapped to a chair?

Weird Sisters (Gargoyles) Isn't this guy supposed to be powerless?

X 23 (X Men Evolution) If you were cloned from Wolverine you'd have a rotten attitude too!

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